Building Internet Businesses

A8muf develops and manages Internet businesses utilising proven online business models. We focus on online and mobile sectors such as Search, Advertising, eCommerce, Blockchain Technology, Social Discovery.



LogoUKsq_PS150A8muf Search, the Independent UK focused, alternative search engine that always returns unbiased safe search results because we don’t index pornography.

We are in the process of indexing, beta testing and tweaking our algorithms, focusing on UK relevent websites and content using freely available open source search technology as the basis of the A8muf Search Engine, A8muf is hosted in the United Kingdom. Public Beta Testing.





Empowering and Rewarding Loyalty

A completely decentralized Blockchain currency and loyalty programme for Youth and Sports Clubs, Sporting Events as well as participating outlets, a crypto token you can earn with membership and participation. Get KOquid on the Waves DEX




UK Property Portal, an easy to use online property search portal to enable UK house hunters to find properties available to buy or to rent in the UK.

In development.