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A8muf develops and manages Internet businesses utilising proven online business models. We focus on online and mobile sectors such as Advertising, eCommerce, Social Discovery and Search.



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Share your News…

Our mission is to empower YOU to share your news, tell your story, have your say whether it’s personal, local, regional, national or international news our community, the World, wants to hear about it.


Buzz your life…

Buzzkiki’s mission is to create cool, convenient, easy to use tools to empower everyone to discover, share and unite.

Meet new people, follow your favourite sports stars, celebrities or brands. Share photos, videos and stories, exchange messages, play games, have fun.

Do more than “Like” it, “Love” it

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A8muf Admarket – UK centric online advertising marketplace, enabling businesses and brands to buy and sell advertising space on their web and mobile sites. In development.




UK Property Portal. In development.